Saturday, 25 June 2011

Wembley Stadium has emerged as the frontrunner for the final venue of the 2011 Champions League final

Wembley Stadium, Barcelona and Manchester United emerged as the frontrunner for the final venue of the 2011 Champions League final in 2013 after less than a month's hosting.

Hosted by the on Wednesday at UEFA in Nyon in Switzerland, and the fact that 2013 marks the 150th anniversary of European football Association football governing body is persuaded to consider returning to London to be named.

A senior UEFA source said: "Initially it was suggested that Manchester should be chosen but the success of Wembley last month means it is now very much the favourite.

"There is a feeling that the 2013 final should go to England to mark the FA's 150th anniversary."

UEFA to Wembley was a resounding commercial success, it was not very clear in terms of organization.

most stadiums, there is no need for additional hospitality marquees for events or media to meet up at Wembley to be, nor was there to bring in additional technology to get around a also had problems.

If Wembley is selected, then the final few tickets for this year is likely to be cheaper.

Platini at Wembley in April for the high cost of tickets and apologized for the UEFA Cup for the families of the future will consider the introduction of a cheaper variety.

Cheapest tickets on general sale for a £ 26 administration fee of 150 pounds was the price of one adult and one child £ 338 for the cheapest package at a cost of only two seats available were in the categories.

Platini said then: "It was a mistake, it was not good. But it is not easy to decide the price of the tickets in the Champions League final.

"Perhaps in the future we have to have another category for families that is less expensive. But if you put those on the black market how much will they cost?"

Sunday, 19 June 2011

David Bernstein UEFA 2013 Champions League final at Wembley Stadium

Football Association chairman David Bernstein UEFA 2013 Champions League final at Wembley Stadium for the Awarding the mark 150th anniversary of the decision is appreciated. This three-year gap Stadium Barcelona v Manchester United previous month after winning the showpiece final will host a unique two.

Bernstein said: "We are absolutely delighted, It is most unusual for the final to be held in the same venue twice in three years."

He added: "It was totally recognised that the Champions League final three weeks ago was an outstanding success. UEFA were absolutely delighted."

"Wembley really came of age that weekend. From a great stadium that was perceived as a little bit of a problem in some ways, it really broke through and is now, I believe, being looked at as a national asset. It was very positive financially, of course it was.

"It wasn't just the Champions League final but converting it for the Championship play-off two days later was a tremendous achievement from a great group of people."

UEFA's Congress in London this year to last place in the EU body's president Michel Platini announced the construction will take.

This is the seventh time at Wembley to host Champions League or EU Cup finals in any venue will be the highest.

UEFA also announced the 2013 Europa League final will be held at the Amsterdam ArenA. There will also be a change to the venue for the UEFA Super Cup, the match between the Champions League and Europa League winners, which for years has been held in Monaco. In 2013 it will be held in Prague.

Meanwhile, UEFA announced SAINT ETIENNE, France in Toulouse and the host cities for Euro 2016 will increase the number of 11. Number of countries involved is 24 instead of 16, 31 and 51 would increase the number of matches.

English FA will celebrate its 150th anniversary in 2013 at Wembley Stadium

Wembley Stadium in London, which was awarded last month to host Champions League final on Thursday in the championship game once again for 2013.

The English FA will celebrate its 150th anniversary in 2013 at Wembley Stadium.
The first time a stadium has hosted twice in three years will be marked.

UEFA President Michel Platini said, "We felt it was our duty at UEFA to help the FA celebrate in some special way. For this reason we have decided to return to England and specifically to Wembley Stadium".

Wembley has hosted the finals six times. 2012 final in Munich, Germany Allianz is on the back.

Take That is the definition of a record breaking tour at Wembley

Take That is the definition of a record breaking tour at Wembley on Thursday 30th June, a record eight nights, most nights I have ever performed a stadium date of the Act for a draw.

It has been only confirmed for the tour DVD filming at Wembley and additional seats are usually limited in view of the first three nights will take place just was more fans in the audience for to be part of. The extra seats full view of stage B and install a special video screen throughout the show is to take over.

Tickets cost as just £29.50 and £39.50 and go on sale 9am Friday 17th June.

Take That is one of the last two decades the biggest hits and also to see Robbie get his incredible solo career stage with chart topping songs to perform.

Progress Live 2011 full Tour Dates:

Thursday 30 June 2011 - Wembley Stadium
Friday 1 July 2011 - Wembley Stadium
Saturday 2 July 2011 - Wembley Stadium
Monday 4 July 2011 - Wembley Stadium
Tuesday 5 July 2011 - Wembley Stadium
Wednesday 6 July 2011 - Wembley Stadium
Friday 8 July 2011 - Wembley Stadium
Saturday 9 July 2011 - Wembley Stadium

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Madden will future editions at Wembley Stadium

Madden will future editions at Wembley Stadium.

Electronic Arts said that although Britain is represented in Madden NFL 12, its future edition license stadium is looking for.

Producer Phil Frazier told Digital Spy, "We don't have Wembley Stadium in NFL 12, but you do play in the UK, so it's represented in the game".

"We are in talks with the league about seeing what we can do to try to add to our product."

NFL season for the past two years has played one match at Wembley. Tampa Bay / Chicago Bears be in London this October will take.

Frazier also said that future Kinect support for Madden would "make sense".

Madden NFL 12 will be available on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC and Wii from August 30 in North America and September 2 in Europe.

Monday, 6 June 2011

Champions League final 2013 in Wembley Stadium for the return

The Champions League final 2013 in Wembley Stadium for the return can be stroke, according to the Daily Mail.

It is being understood that Uefa and Barcelona between Manchester United last month's final after successfully influenced and therefore trade with other potential host locations issues with their showpiece event going to occu London's return are considering.

Wembley staff were praised by Uefa for their professionalism and efficiency in hosting the event, which the governing body hailed as the best European final they had staged since the competition was re branded the Champions League in 1992.

Wembley should be selected that it is likely that he has been f-finals are around 2013 and the 150th anniversary of the organization is currently host to a million and 1 made ​​profit is no objection to the decision .

Wembley Stadium before more than any other is six European Cup finals hosted, and 2013 for the first time the award has the same stadium hosted the event twice in three seasons, will also mark.

I also understand that the city hosted the Olympic Stadium for Europa League final could be considered once it has been after the Olympics next year in a football stadium has changed.