Monday, 6 August 2012

Peter Andre Wanted To Perform in Wembley Stadium

Peter Andre revealed that he wishes to perform in Wembley Stadium before he says Good Bye to music.

He revealed that playing the national football stadium was one of his remaining career dreams.

"I'll do Wembley Stadium one day," Andre said. "I think I can do it in the next two years and then I'll hang my hat up."

Andre described selling out London's O2 Arena as a career highlight, adding: "It looks like I've done it again for December.

"People ask why I don't just concentrate on TV but if I'm selling out arenas, why would I? If I was selling 200 tickets I'd consider giving up but I'm still selling 14,000 tickets."

Of what he would have done differently in music, Andre said: "I'd never have released 'Insania'. It lost me all credibility in music.

"I should have fought more for my rights to release what I wanted. 'Mysterious Girl', as cheesy as it is, was a big hit and I'm very grateful."

When it was noted that 'Insania' relaunched his career, he added: "It did but not in a credible way.

"It meant I could tour again but you still want some credibility in music. I'm a writer. I'm writing for other people at the moment but I'm not allowed to say who.

"I've written for 25 years. So when the record companies have released the things I haven't wanted to release, I've been disappointed. But it's all part of the learning process."

Sunday, 29 July 2012

Gordon Bank Enlightened Wembley With Olympic Torch!!!

On Wednesday morning, Wembley Stadium shares the blessing of Olympic Torch. It was no body else but a legends of 1966, Gordon Banks.

“It was fantastic, it really was,” enthused Banks. “Coming up Wembley Way brought back a lot of memories for me. It’ll be terrific [the venue]. I can’t believe the interest, the publicity and it can only be a good thing,” he continued.

“Seeing all the fans and the children here today, they will now watch these Games on TV and say ‘I want to do that!’ and it’s a terrific thing for this country.”

During the Olympic season Wembley is going to host nine matches including of six men's matches and three women's matches, consisting the gold medal matches for both men and women.

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Reunion of Wham After 30 Years At Wembley

Reported confirmed that Wham having their reunion after 30 years. On the anniversary of their first hit album "Young Guns (Go For It!)", George and Andrew decided to go wild with "one-off pop extravaganza" and will be back together. A source said: "George and Andrew have often said their Club Tropicana days are well behind them. But seeing as their anniversary coincides with George releasing new material, it's one of those ‘now or never' moments. They probably won't do a long tour or release new material like Take That but they do want to commemorate the event with a big gig... and an even bigger party afterwards. Things are still in the early stages but everybody is getting really excited about it."