Saturday, 16 July 2011

Ghanaian-born and Arthur Wharton at national stadium of England Wembley Stadium

English Football Association has said that the Ghanaian-born and the world's first black professional footballer, Arthur Wharton, a plaque stands in front of the the national stadium of England Wembley Stadium.

Wimbledon Championship

FA Wharton moved to honor a former Darlington FC goalkeeper in the stadium opening, according to a report by the Northern Echo on July 14, 2011.

The publication said, “The Football Association (FA) confirmed its plans to honour Darlington FC goalkeeper Arthur Wharton after campaigners from the region met with officials and MPs at the House of Commons”.

It added “The Northern Echo understands the FA is hoping to erect a plaque, given to them by Darlington-based charity the Arthur Wharton Foundation, at the national stadium.”

A TRIBUTE to the world’s first professional black footballer, who started his career in the North-East, is to become a feature of Wembley Stadium.

FA, which has donated £ 20,000 for the foundation, also confirmed plans to erect a statue in the Darlington and will continue to be involved with.

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

International Rugby League turns back to present at London's Wembley Stadium

International Rugby League turns back to present at London's Wembley Stadium for the Gillette Four Nations has delighted the national stadium’s management team.

Rugby League for an exciting double-header at Wembley on Saturday November 5 return,
which will see Wales take on defending Four Nations champions New Zealand before England rugby league at the high level of commitment to excellence in exhibition games perennial rivals Australia.

Reading Festival

“We are delighted that the RFL has chosen Wembley Stadium for their Gillette Four Nations double-header featuring the best International teams in Rugby League,” said Roger Maslin, Managing Director of Wembley National Stadium Ltd.

“We are very much looking forward to hosting what will undoubtedly be a fantastic occasion. Rugby League and Wembley Stadium has a rich history in staging some memorable matches down the years especially clashes between England and Australia and it is an honour to be reigniting the passion for International Rugby League once again at the national stadium.

“With the best players in the world set to feature, I have no doubt that both matches will bring tens of thousands of visiting fans to Wembley and create a truly carnival atmosphere that is special to Rugby League.”

On Monday 4th July will be announced the tickets details for the Gillette Four Nations double-header and supporters will be able to take advantage of a special celebratory ticket offer, which should encourage every Rugby League fan to be at Wembley in the autumn.

“We are planning to launch a special celebratory ticket offer at the start of next week, which will encourage all fans to take the opportunity to be at Wembley to support the double-header,” said RFL Director of Marketing and Communication Andy Hewitt.

“We want to make the event as accessible as possible to everyone across the country and really make a major impact in London. We will exclusively reveal details of our special offer via our social networking sites and official websites on Monday morning.”